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About Us

Our "Girls Crew" have worked to refine the ultimate girlfriend getaway. Each of our Cruises take months of preparation. (The last few weeks before a cruise can be simply crazy!) Our goal is to make each woman traveling with us feel like she is with "old friends". We have had 19 year olds all the way up to 82 year old women join us. We carefully arrange special events geared towards making everyone comfortable. If you get off this cruise having relaxed, made new friends and laughed, then we have done our job!


Janet  (That's me!)

BIO - Travel Agent, Event Co-ordinator, Founder of "" 
Widowed at the age of 30.  Remarried.  Raised 5 kids.  Now - Empty Nester and loving it!  1 Grandson and another due soon!

I'm the Nutty one!  I think I heard that song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" one too many times in my life!



Organizer extraordinaire! Married over 35 years. Mother of 2. Grandma of 2 beautiful girls.  (You know she is the accommodating one, as she ROOMS with me! LOL)

The Cruisin' Cousins - Maureen & Diane

The Cruisin' Cousins - Maureen & Diane 

Maureen is the mother of 4, grandma of 1.  Happily married for over (well, if I told you that, you'd figure out her age!) Maureen lives and works in Davie Florida.  
Don't let the fact that she drinks tea fool you, she IS fun! LOL
 Diane - Single.  Living in the Fort Lauderdale area. 
She's a little dizzy...but she never gets sea sick!  She constantly makes us laugh!  (Keep walking, Keep walking...)


Here are some of our testimonials.


Dear Janet,

Just wanted to drop a line and say "I am so glad that you joined us sailing to Bermuda with the Girls!" 
I really mean it when I say that it always surprises me how well everyone gets along….even after just meeting each other!  It is only because of each of you, and I thank you all for making my life easy and these trips special! 

New Jersey

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